Reply to the “Schmegege Vote”

The Shmegege Vote: 2008

Posted August 21, 2008 | 02:22 PM (EST)

shmegege [shmeh∙geh’∙geh], noun: Yiddish word meaning buffoon, idiot, ignoramus

A whispering campaign might be better because that would connote shame, or at least discomfort. Instead, anti-Obama e-mails — by Jews, for Jews — continue to make the rounds:

Don’t believe the Christian business because he really is a Muslim;


Dang.. I use “shmegege” as in “the whole schmegege” (trans: The whole kit and kaboodle) all the time.. Oy vey! What could you expect from a goyem.
The ingrained racism runs so deep among some of my most “solidly liberal’ friends. They shuffle their feet they look for assurances, they question about things they never used as measuring points before.. “Yeah but he won’t put his hand over his heart”… “the pledge of allegiance”..”the Muslim thing” They are looking for an excuse..any excuse…. Not a racist bone in their bodies.

North Carolina and Virginia went for Obama yet many northern “liberal” states did not. I read recently the choke factor is 19%, that is almost twenty percent of people even claiming they will vote for Obama will revert behind the curtain. The gentleman has to work at least twenty percent harder to win.. Lets not kid ourselves.

How can he win? The right wing power brokers are already working overtime taking up the “get out of Iraq” points the Democrats were vilified for.. It will be reframed as a victory. They are finally sending some support to the beleaguered youths stranded in Afghanistan…Back slapping all around. Those important points of Obama’s  policies will be undercut. In Obama’s introduction of Jabbering Joe Biden as vice president he mentioned the war(s) he mentioned health care… what was missing? its the ECONOMY!!!

When the trickle downers started the war(s), I tried to get a little old anti war babble going with some of (any, all) of my liberal Jewish friends.. silence, and much shuffling of feet, staring at the floor etc.. After all Bush and Dick were saving Israel from the Muslim madman… eh ..remember? These guys are very sharp, the war was fought for oil and the safety and comfort of the well connected Saudis and to preserve our oilman in chief’s connections.

If racism is necessary, jingoism needs to be used, slaughter of peoples, it is looked upon as just another crowbar or claw hammer waiting in the toolbox. It is power they seek. Blll Clinton was smart enough to see the chink in the armor. It’s the economy my stupids.. Their greed is their downfall and they will misdirect any portion of the populace necessary to divert attention from this small glint underneath their camouflage of subterfuge.

I chuckle when my friends are aghast at how “this simp” in the Whitehouse is still so self assured and confident.. Are you meshugge? Mission Accomplished. The top ten percent of the most wealthy have amassed huge increases in their incomes and had virtually all their taxes done away. Slaughter and mayhem be damned MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Obama needs to put those future vision glasses back on… and not listen to to many of the new pundits and hangers on that have glommed on to his campaign from Washington dupe tanks and other failed campaigns. He and Jocular Joe have one “audacious” hope. Focus on, and fix, the economy.

Oh by the way…. my parents always told me the jews control all the money…Maybe “your people” can help?

Sorry, I was trying a little “shtick”.       

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3 responses to “Reply to the “Schmegege Vote”

  1. Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


  2. somoscangrejos

    I think you are wrong. Obama is the most Liberal Senator in the Senate and Biden the third most Liberal. The only way the left could have a more left wing ticket would be to have named Teddy Kennedy as VP but he is dying of brain cancer. Democrats, in my opinion, are wrong about the economy, health care, national security, energy policy, education, the UN, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Latin America, Cuba, Russia, Georgia, free trade agreements, gun control, women’s rights, abortion, etc, etc, etc. That is why they will lose in November.

  3. skyshoes

    Saying “you are wrong” and slapping out the old hackneyed conservative “name” calling means very little to me anymore, being liberal is a badge of honor. Using that shallow name calling and slandering is what got the U.S. in this horribly condition we are in now. Wrong about the economy? What planet have you been on? Don’t use that sorry Rovian measuring stick.. “most liberal” state some facts.. Prove some points. You can read one of my earlier posts.. Bush got voted in twice, need I say more, I have little confidence in the American voter anymore. It is not a race, it is the future.

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