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Recent web quotes on the Scott McClellen “revelations”

•”Ever since television took over as the main news source for most Americans, with the result that salaries among the chattering class got high enough to make journalists unwilling to walk away from a job as a matter of principle, news coverage has become a joke.

And as long as the majority of on-air personalities are unwilling to say, “Screw this. I’m not reading a pack of lies and entertainment nonsense on a hard news show”, there will be no serious examination of the current problem. How can these faux journalists admit that they’d rather suck down a six figure salary than tell the truth? It would be an admission of something we members of the “great unwashed” already know: that these drones aren’t journalists in any sense of the word. They proved it by tanking on Iraq, and they’ll prove it again the very next time somebody really nasty and evil threatens their paycheque.

•One quick example: remember Anderson Cooper’s promise that he’d stay right on top of the Katrina story until the horrid, evil mess was cleaned up and the people of New Orleans got some small measure of justice? Where is he now?”

•”The media had been turning further and further to the extreme rightwing even prior to the war and 9/11. But the grotesque rightwing totalitarianism of the Bush years (and the unprecedented devastation to this country and it’s reputation around the world) has taken this country over the edge. Hopefully it has proven to all sentient beings beyond a shadow of a doubt what “conservatism” brought to its logical conclusion reaps for this country: Avarice, Greed, Narcissism, the Treasury being siphoned dry (stolen) by the top 1%, poorest job creation level since the great depression, wide-scale mass-murder, a weakened military, nonexistent national security, and American ideals thrown into the garbage.

•During a time when the media refused to cover some of the most outrageous scandals in our nation”s history, we”ve witnessed a national election overturned and an unelected twit installed as our president, our country taken to war on lies for an ideological and corporate-driven agenda, the outing a CIA covert spy during wartime, American citizens illegally being spied on by their government, and innumerable war crimes including torture, illegal detention, and genocide. Meanwhile, our media focused on inane trivial news stories from Paris Hilton”s to American Idol winners. And now the Charlie Gibson”s, David Gregory”s, and Brian William”s of celebrity news pat themselves on the back for the egregious job they’ve done and boast it “wasn”t their job” to question anything they were told by the Bush administration.”

•There are no Murrows left, except possibly for Keith Olbermann. Wolf Blitzer? Are you kidding? Katie Couric, America’s sweetheart? Please! To be honest, if I made $10 million a year for sitting if front of a teleprompter and mouthing someone else’s crap, it would be hard to interrupt the broadcast with a comment like, “Sorry, folks. I can’t go on with this. My bosses insist I read it, but it’s all a pack of lies.” So the corporate suits call the show, and the White House stays happy, and…well, you know the rest.

•The truth is that while they fain self recrimination over Iraq they are allowing the same liars to prepare an eve worse conflagration with Iran..! These sons of bitches are tenacious and shameless and immune to all and any human decency and or penance this follow up to McClellan’s expose’ is being as watered down by them as possible and the run up to the true disaster the big enchilada of excrement a war with Iran and Shiia Islam is in the working..

•All of the main stream news publications and networks were established by powerful monied elites for the purpose of controlling the agenda. If they aren’t selling wars they benefit from, they are selling tooth paste. This isn’t about the failure of journalism, this is about a quiet class war that is being fought with journalists as pawns. This is, and has always been, a class issue.

•The new broadcast digital TV is great and free. It is broadcast over the public airwaves and can be regulated. Get one of those new big screen TVs. They receive the new broadcast digital TV. All you need is a TV antenna. Even your old TV antenna will work if gets the UHF(most do). High Definition broadcast PBS is available just about everywhere as well as all the major networks.

•Scott Ritter was one of the few heros to emerge from this mess.He tried, single handed, to stop the stupid invasion and occupation of Iraq. he had the facts at his fingertips . . . and was ignored by the Corporate Media. Where are the apologies?

•The high profile powerful and wealthy and the media elite HATE it that the common man can go online and castigate, criticize and curse them and their self serving ways. Just picture them sneaking on to a blog and reading hundreds or even thousands of unflattering or even damning comments about themselves from anonymous commenters who cannot be held for retribution. They will stop at nothing to end it. Beware.

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