Uh…. Who’s that fat guy on CNN Eviscerating Needed Foreign Workers?

I wonder if (he had any) his teenagers are out in the (“work”) force

“Flipping burgers, or folding shirts at a clothing store simply are not appealing to today’s technology addicted, career-oriented teen,” Challenger said.

Many teens are seeking jobs that will help them get into college, so they’re skipping the traditional summer employment that doesn’t add anything to a resume. Instead, they’re taking summer courses (including college-prep classes), doing volunteer work or running their own businesses.

“Teenagers are increasingly participating in a wide range of activities that do not allow time for summer jobs,” Challenger said.

Last summer, teenagers were so uninterested in summer work that just 50 percent of 16-to 19-year olds said they had a job or were looking for a job — a record low, according to the report. The highest rate was in July 1978 when 72 percent of teenagers were working or looking for a summer job.

The numbers are bad news to employers ranging from landscaping firms to restaurants to hotels who are looking to teenagers to fill positions that were once filled by immigrants. Because of a provision in immigration laws, it is estimated that 65,000 fewer foreign workers will be able to enter the United States this summer, leaving more labor intensive jobs unfilled.

Althought theses jobs are available, teenagers are skipping this type of work: “Many may pass the opportunity to work in labor intensive areas” that immigrants would have filled, said Challenger, because “many are seeking opportunities that will enhance their chances of getting into a good college and look good on a professional resume.”


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