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I have detected a new slant from the conservative misdirectors. They are now painting themselves as spokesmen for the working man, they are for the middle class, defenders of the disenfranchised. This new persona, this new fleece so to speak, is now to be wrapped around those who sucked normal Americans dry while padding incomes and lifestyles of the elite.

Mr. Chait has written a timely article, I captured one classic identifier. Could anyone have written better?

George F. Will decided to leap to the defense of the proletariat. Yes, that George F. Will. The fabulously wealthy, bow tie-wearing, pretentious reference-mongering, Anglophilic fop who grew up in a university town as a professor’s son, earned two advanced degrees, has a designated table at a French restaurant in Georgetown, and, had he dwelt for any extended time among the working class, would be lucky to escape without his underwear being yanked up over his ears.”

The New Republic
Popular Will by
Conservatives perfect working-class p.c.
Post Date Friday, April 18, 2008

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