Simply Defined, The America We Have Today


The attempt or employment of elite millionaire politicians to implement slang or local colloquialisms to ingratiate themselves with the voting populace.


The feigned indignity employed by political shills to overstate any minimal statement deemed “offensive” to the voting populace. Implemented by “spokesmen” of political campaigns.


The well coiffed newsreader or “interviewer” who gets aflutter over politicians employing Polibonics and feigns indignity or concern over any tripe introduced by Shrillics.


• Idiots (among the “voting populace”) who form opinion, and vote for, any political hack who integrated Polibonics into his or her speech pattern.
• Those who take up the ban(t)ner, whole or in part, inserted in the political discourse by the Shrillics.
Are ever confident in any wrong concept or insinuation constantly repeated by the Mediumbs.

In conclusion:

Weapons of mass deception, The Iraq occupation, *Economicide, *Juris coruptus, Homeland (in)security, inflation, trickle away economics and…
The America we have today.
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2 responses to “Simply Defined, The America We Have Today

  1. skyshoes

    Sadly it is a pretty rock solid definition of a pattern that has not changed.

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