How Fast Can You Change?

I was just reading a news blog the other day that mentioned Tim Berners-Lee (whatever the claimant terminology is) “created the web” in 1990..

Is that all!

My first web page during that embryonic era was with Internet U, a small company in Melbourne Florida. Jim Wells my mentor (part owner of internet U) used to coach me, not to put a-n-y pictures on the web, but if you want to drop one on it should be minuscule.

I couldn’t help myself I began my website for my surfboard company. Surfing it is all flash and color. Surfers love flash and color they loved my site, for a while.

Whoa soon it was 56K modems yipes,

QuickTime movies on the web! The most dedicated would wait out the download of a 1meg “movie” via thumbnails to a movie page. Flash came along. What! Full graphic animations and more.

The explosion was and is beautiful to see. Graphics in general and linear editing drew me in to creating a new business Digital Graphics Inform. A bit long and techy sounding after a while, besides I was making videos and producing DVDs, I came up with the Popitin name. – pop(ular) pop! Warhol like cutting edge it (the happening thing) i (internet) t tech in (internet) in (the cool thing), … in a sentence ”Pop that video in” I could go on forever.. I won’t

No, not porn movies. Although my email is (I had to) I do full length video productions for hip companies. We are talking presentations, training videos, and DVD mailers. Try as I might (I like to call it 360 coverage), the web video, the DVD video, and *snore*, print layouts should be as a package and cut from whole cloth, similar in color similar in layout as well.

Take time to produce a video and it should be crunched down for web as well. But, the times they are a changing, again.

Full video on the web!

Joost, I set up an account with Joost. These are the Skype guys who came up with “free web calling and conferencing”

Pretty amazing, you hit that button and some sobby chick from CSI Miami is doing her acting 101 routine, on a full (pixilated) screen!


What is the obsession with television? it is a torturous dying medium as well! It is like, when I asked my Mac guy, why Steve Jobs, as advanced as he is – whether you like him or not – was still putting 56K modems in Mac laptops… Huh?

Well Steve, WTH is with Television? Can’t we score a new medium of some kind? Can’t we get iWood® (wow I just came up with that one!) and just dig up the few good movies that have been made over the last century. Let us watch something cool. But TeeVee? Dude that’s the 56k modem of medium.

But then..

I heard the Joost guys were crapping haddock in their selective pantaloons when they found out about…

HD on the web!

Vimeo I had to check Vimeo out being an aficionado. Dang! They are good. Mostly ads for Canon, but gorgeous, yipes again!

I‘ve been thinking about changing my company name to

There, I just’d it, and in no time will be steeped in the new medium.

See, you just have to flik (movies, switch on) I (internet, I) it (the in thing) on (happening, so very now)


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